Digital & Point of Sale Signage

Group 240

Plan, design, distribute and manage your digital signage …

We offer solutions to promote your brand or store offerings to your audience through digital solutions. Deliver content and attract client attention. We offer all types of solutions from free-standing floor mounted kiosks to window display options.


Key points:

• Multilingual (language offerings)
• Easy for non-technical users
• Flexible content design
• Automatically backs up
• Portrait and landscape capability
• Height adjustment
• Flexible scheduling

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Digital Automation

Streamline Business Processes through automation, dynamic workflows and case management. Take the pain out of document capture.

Printers and Scanners

Our Printing management solutions enable organisations of any size to manage their entire multifunctional device and printer fleets using a single, low cost software solution.

Interactive Whiteboards

These clever whiteboards allow the sharing of ideas making it perfect for brainstorming sessions, altering plans or discussing designs.