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At IDS in Tauranga, we envision effortless transitions; turning problems into simple solutions. As your local document specialists, we have you covered from printing, scanning and copying, to video conferencing, digital display boards and voice-over IP.

Since 2005 we have been bridging the gap between people and technology for businesses covering the Coromandel, Whakatane, the Bay of Plenty, South Waikato, and everywhere in between.

IDS was the brainchild of three local industry specialists who came together to merge with a global enterprise, with the collective goal being to deliver valuable technology that empowers digital workspaces.

Connecting with our local community is at the core of our ‘why’ and is the driving factor behind the way we conduct business - with authenticity, kaizen, and collaboration. This culminates in a passion for implementing innovative solutions in schools, businesses, and organisations, to promote change and creative thinking in the digital space.

We’re committed to delivering a distinctive customer experience ensuring dependability, adaptability, and responsiveness to any challenge thrown our way. With a dedicated account manager for each client, we’re able to ensure excellent service and outstanding support.

We partner with the best, such as Ricoh, Brother, OKI, MAXHUB and Epson and bring our ability to connect with our communities to transform local businesses. Continuing the pursuit for which we founded IDS - to simply provide innovative digital solutions for our people.

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Achieving the right solution with honesty and transparency

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Continuous and never-ending improvement

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Disciplined to consistently go the extra mile

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Following through on our promises with 100% commitment

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Open and willing to work together for a better outcome

100% New Zealand owned and operated

The IDS team have been helping Bay Of Plenty businesses with their Digital Solutions since 2005.

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