Printers and Scanners

Group 240


Innovative Digital Solutions provide printer leasing, service and support solutions for all schools and workplaces in Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Our Printer solutions

  • We rent a wide range of printers to meet any needs including Desktop, digital colour, wide format, to production print press
  • Multi-functional printers
  • We offer unique solutions, including a variety of printer brands to suit your needs
  • Tailored solutions to meet your needs
  • Finance options available
  • Printer service and support in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty


Track, control and manage all of your printing requirements

Our Printing management solutions enable organisations of any size to manage their entire multifunctional device and printer fleets using a single, low cost software solution.

  • On-charge costs, allocate departmental and individual costs for all copies and prints, apply printing rules, secure printing and more; the easy way
  • Manage your entire copy and print fleet from a single, centralised web admin interface
  • Suitable for charging students and visitors or billing for staff, shared accounts and clients
  • Support quick and easy self-service access via log-in, account code or ID card
  • Optional proximity and swipe card authentication
  • Enforce responsible use of your copy and print resources via rules and restrictions


Capture, process and store scanned documents. We provide scanner leasing, service and support solutions for schools and businesses in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

Bridge the gap between paper documents, devices and document management systems.

Our scanners provide a simple, reliable, scalable and flexible scanning solution that enables users to automatically scan, distribute, store and use documents like never before.

Almost any Ricoh Multifunction Device (MFD) can be embedded with the technology and it couldn’t be easier to use.

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Digital & Point of Sale Signage

Digital Signage allows flexibility and ease when you are in a fast paced environment that requires quick change. You can communicate your message quickly and clearly.

Digital Automation

Streamline Business Processes through automation, dynamic workflows and case management. Take the pain out of document capture.

Interactive Whiteboards

These clever whiteboards allow the sharing of ideas making it perfect for brainstorming sessions, altering plans or discussing designs.